How to Use Your Conservatory Year-Round

Investing in a conservatory is the perfect way to take advantage of the warmth and sunshine of summer. However, you don’t have to avoid the room when the first autumn leaves or snowflakes begin to fall. With the right fixtures and maintenance, it’s possible to enjoy your conservatory year-round. 

Summer is many people’s favourite season. It’s prime conservatory weather for an abundance of activities, and there are numerous tips on how to keep them cool during the height of summer heat. But what about when summer is over? Fortunately, conservatories can be enjoyed during autumn, winter, and spring – you just have to adjust, in the same way as you dress differently for different seasons.

Using your conservatory year-round

Enjoying Your Conservatory During Autumn

Autumn is a time of transition. While the days are warm enough to host friends or curl up with a good book, they’re also getting shorter and cooler. Ultimately, you’re looking to extend summer fun while also preparing for winter. 

The same can be said for your conservatory. Autumn is a time for getting cosy, adding warming throws to your seating and laying soft rugs underfoot. Adding blinds can act as a type of insulation against fluctuating and falling temperatures, while lamps and lanterns will add a soft glow and bring warmth to the space.

Due to increased rain, it’s important to do a little DIY before the winter arrives to ensure the room remains waterproof and stop rainwater from invading your conservatory. This could mean clearing gutters or replacing seals around windows and doors. The goal is to convey warmth, both literally by trapping heat and aesthetically by curating a space that feels cosy.

How to Use Your Conservatory During Winter

The coldest months of the year won’t render your conservatory off-limits if outfitted properly. Ideally, autumn is the best time to start preparing for winter. However, it’s never too late to start implementing those autumn changes to furniture, light, and décor. Once winter starts, the installation of a heat source, sealing and insulation become a priority.

It wouldn’t be a conservatory without large windows and a glass roof. Although these are optimal for sunlight during spring and summer, their lack of insulation could make the room unbearable during winter. Therefore, it’s important to consider solutions that are suitable year-round, such as a guardian warm roof and double-glazed windows. Both solutions provide the necessary insulation to keep the conservatory warm during winter and cool during summer. Which is great for your energy bills and means you only need to make minimal adjustments between the different seasons.

Spring Days in Your Conservatory

Spring is another season of transition. As the days become warmer and longer, many of the crucial fixtures installed for winter will no longer serve a purpose. Double-glazed windows are designed to keep the room cool during warmer seasons, but carpeting and blinds can be removed or opened respectively so as not to trap more heat than necessary. Cosmetic changes such as repainting in a lighter colour can also serve to reflect the new season and accentuate all that lovely sunlight.

However, just as you checked the structure before winter, now is the ideal time to make sure there’s been no damage such as leaks or rust during the cold winter months.

A staple of springtime is the rebirth of nature, whether that’s seen through the windows or within the conservatory itself. Reaping the benefits of the season doesn’t require converting the entire room into a greenhouse. However, including houseplants that will thrive under constant sunlight, and purify the air can increase your enjoyment of the room during this season.

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