Home Security – How to Keep Your Home Safe

When it comes to protecting your home, tough windows and doors are your first line of defence, but you can never be too careful. Exciting developments in home security technology offer additional protection. 

A modern home security system does a lot more than make a loud noise. It allows you to monitor your home and alerts you to problems as soon as they arise, even if you’re nowhere near the house. It requires several components, which link to a smart device such as a phone or tablet. 

home security

Security Cameras

These are installed inside and outside the house and connect to Wi-Fi to provide continuous livestream footage. Cars arriving, callers at the door or anyone hanging about will are all picked up by the cameras. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s happening on your smart device wherever you are.

Many systems have night vision, so you’re protected 24/7 and integration with cloud storage provides a record of all activity. It’s even possible to have two-way audio so you can speak to the caller no matter where you are.  

Keypad and Siren

It’s no good to get an alert if you can’t do anything about it. You need a burglar alarm to scare them away. This is triggered by movement sensors, which activate a deafening siren. An intruder needs nerves of steel to ignore the racket and carry on. They’re far more likely to run. 

In addition to your smart device, the system may also have a physical (or digital) keypad attached to the wall somewhere inside the house. You access the controls with a secure PIN to set or deactivate the system. It’s also possible to activate specific sensors for certain areas of the house – for example, you may like to set the downstairs sensors when you’re in bed for the night. 

Motion Sensors   

These detect movement and send an alert to your device so you can instantly monitor the situation. Fortunately, the sensors can be programmed to ignore pets, so the alarm won’t go mad when your dog charges past. 

Contact Sensors

These attach to doors and windows, ideally on the ground floor, which is the obvious point of entry. This ensures they activate the alarm at the earliest opportunity. 

Contact sensors have two halves – one attached to the window and the other to the frame. They’re magnetised so when the window opens the current is broken and the system is triggered, making them perfect for added home security protection.

Glass Break Sensors

These detect the sound of breaking glass so if the intruder manages to smash a window the alarm will trigger (although if you have top-quality windows this is extremely hard to do).      

Panic Button

If the worst happens and someone tries to break in when you’re at home the quickest way to get help may be to use a panic button. This can be a separate fob or a special code on your alarm keypad. You can also access this remotely with your smart device.

Light It Up!

Smart technology can even connect with your lights so you can turn them on or off remotely. This is perfect for making it look as though someone is at home.

AI Capabilities

Some advanced systems are using AI technology to learn about the homeowners’ schedules and habits. This allows the system to understand your regular routine and recognise an unscheduled caller as someone suspicious.

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