Is Your Home Burglar-Proof?

You may think your home is secure, but you’d be surprised how many ways you can be caught out.

Burglars do their homework. They take note of your daily routine – signs of people at home or leaving, barking dogs, CCTV, burglar alarms and access points.

Fortunately, there are several simple ways to make your home burglar-proof and protect your family and your valuables.

Is Your Home Burglar-Proof?

Keep the Front Door Locked

This may seem obvious, but remarkably many people leave their doors unlocked even when they’re in. Consequently, intruders often gain access simply by walking through the door.

Don’t think they won’t try the front door just because it’s in sight of passers-by. Burglars are brazen and prefer the easiest route, so the front door is often their first choice. Even if it is locked, homeowners often leave keys hidden in the garden somewhere and intruders are very good at tracking them down.

Don’t Overlook Other Access Points

The back or side door is also popular, as they’re more secluded than the front. It’s not unusual for homes to have sturdy and secure main entrances and leave the back door to chance – a fact that burglars are happy to exploit.

Skylights and garages are also tempting so don’t forget to keep them locked at all times. And remember that locks can be picked and doors kicked in, so make sure yours are the best quality possible as these play a big part in keeping your home burglar-proof.


These are also left open more often than they should be – particularly during warmer weather. Worn-out locks are vulnerable as well and some windows have no locks at all, which is ideal for an intruder.

Even with locks, a thief will have no worries about breaking glass. Don’t think your neighbours will come running to investigate if this happens. They may think it’s workmen, kids kicking a ball or simply none of their business.

Trees, Walls and Garden Furniture

Burglars don’t need ladders to reach upper floors. Anything they can climb up will do, so minimise this risk by keeping windows securely locked, cut back trees and store garden furniture when you’re not around.

Leave the Lights On

Leaving a light on is easy to do and if you’re away these can be controlled by timers. This simple step can be a great deterrent.

Install a Security System

A burglar alarm is very effective. The alarm triggers if any door or window is forced open and the deafening noise alone can be enough to put off an intruder. Some alarms link directly to the police via a monitoring service, which is an excellent way of getting assistance quickly, should the worst happen.

Alarms always come with an alarm box mounted on the front wall for everyone to see. You can get one for the back as well. A burglar will certainly notice it and if funds are a bit tight you can install a fake box that is equally visible and off-putting for a thief.    

Keep Quiet About Holidays

If you’re going away, resist the temptation to tell everyone in the neighbourhood or on social media. Intruders notice that sort of thing and you’ll come back to an empty house.

Install a Safe

A sturdy and fireproof safe can be installed for a reasonable cost. This is great for valuable documents, jewellery and laptops for example.

Protect Your Home with Secure Windows and Doors

At The Window Centre, we’ll advise you on the best products to keep your home secure and burglar-proof. For robust frames and locks, toughened glass and peace of mind talk to our experienced team.

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