5 Reasons to Install a Composite Door

Is your front door in need of a robust, secure, yet aesthetically pleasing makeover? Then a composite door could be the solution you’ve been searching for!

Constructed from a range of durable, hardwearing materials, composite doors are designed to be long lasting and low maintenance – and you can rest assured they’re incredibly difficult to break down.

In this article, we list the five best reasons to install composite doors in your home.

composite door

1. Composite Doors Are Robust, Hardwearing and Long Lasting

Composite doors are designed to be robust, hardwearing and long lasting. They’re constructed from a mixture of different materials, a method that allows the best attributes of traditional and modern building materials to be utilised.

Generally, a solid composite door will be made with a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) coating, alongside a robust timber or metal frame. The mixture of composite materials ensures that composite doors are some of the toughest on the market.

2. Composite Doors Are Extremely Low Maintenance

That composite design results in a major benefit for homeowners: composite doors are extremely low maintenance.

Fully weatherproofed and sealed against the elements, composite doors are guaranteed to need very little upkeep.

In fact, a professionally installed composite door is going to last for decades, and you’ll rarely have to give it a new lick of paint or coat of varnish.

3. Traditional or Contemporary: You Can Choose Your Style

Composite doors might be solid, but they can also be stylish. The unique mix of materials used in their construction makes them perfect for customisation.

Composite doors can be built and installed in a popular contemporary style, with a sleek, modern finish and a paint job to match the rest of your home. Or they can be built in a more traditional style, with hardwearing materials designed to resemble Victorian-era compositions or to match traditional oak or wooden facades.

4. Composite Doors Are an Investment for the Future

Composite doors can be more expensive than other common materials such as uPVC, but they offer much more value in the long term.

Consider the installation of composite doors as an investment for the future; they’ll need little upkeep and can last for many years.

Here at The Window Centre, we even offer a 10-year guarantee to our customers, because we know these doors are built to last.

5. Protect Your Home and Your Family

Composite doors are tough. That not only makes for a great investment, but they are a fantastic way to add an extra layer of security to your home.

When designed with reinforced materials, composite doors can withstand even the heaviest of blows from the outside.

With 76% of domestic burglaries in England and Wales accessed through a door, a composite door offers added security, so your home and your family will be better protected than ever before.

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