Why Conservatories Aren’t Just for Summer

If you’re keen to add a beautiful conservatory to your home, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to how you’ll use it in the summer – and how wonderful you’ll feel when basking in the natural light and warmth provided by golden rays of sunshine. It’s enough to make anyone smile like the cat that got the cream!

There’s no doubt that bright, airy conservatories, complete with large windows and patio doors or bifold doors, enhance homeowners’ enjoyment of summer. Thanks to features such as anti-glare tinted glass and excellent ventilation, a conservatory can be a pleasant temperature even when temperatures outside soar (as was the case in the July 2021 heatwave, which saw the Met Office issue its first ever extreme heat warning).

Conservatories are also ideal places in which to spend long summer evenings with loved ones. They’re perfectly suited to dining, relaxing and having fun.

Conservatories aren’t just for summer
Today’s conservatories are designed to be enjoyed all year round

A Conservatory Is an Amazing Asset All Year Round

But something you may not have thought about yet is what an amazing asset a conservatory can be when spring and summer’s golden rays fade and autumn’s golden leaves appear, not to mention when winter makes its grand entrance. That’s right – today’s conservatories are designed to be enjoyed all year round. You’ve heard of fair-weather friends? Well, modern conservatories are all-weather friends that accompany you from January to December. This means a conservatory could be an even better investment than you’d initially expected. Consider how much use you and your family will get out of it year after year.

We’re sure your smile is even broader now, but there’s probably a question on your lips too. How does the temperature in modern conservatories remain comfortable when the colder months arrive? The answer is that these versatile, mood-boosting extra rooms take advantage of various innovations designed to stop too much chilly air circulating, without creating a stuffy, stale atmosphere (or making you feel as if you’re overheating in the summer).

Comfortable Temperatures Even in Chilly Weather

Incorporate some or all of the following innovations into your new conservatory’s design and you’re bound to love it just as much in January as July (or at any other time of year!):

  • Guardian Warm Roof – this attractive conservatory roofing system boasts high-performance insulation. One of its many benefits is that it’s energy efficient: homeowners can save money on heating bills while enjoying cosy conservatories throughout autumn and winter.
  • Celsius Performance Glass – superb insulation doesn’t stop at the roof. This smart glass is about 50% more energy efficient than standard glazing, so even when the wind is howling outside, you’ll be content in your conservatory.
  • Underfloor heating – this is a brilliant, space-saving way to ensure that your conservatory is toasty when the weather is poor. Your feet will definitely thank you!
  • Electric radiators – equipped with easy-to-control thermostats, these are another great option. Plus, you don’t need to extend your existing pipework.

Your Conservatory Can Be a Cosy Sanctuary

One of the biggest interior design trends for autumn and winter 2021 is ‘bringing the outdoors in’, emphasises lifestyle website Pure Wow. What better way to do this than by getting a conservatory? After all, one of the many ways conservatories enhance homes is by uniting indoor and outdoor space. Indeed, shortly after completing one of our recent installations, we received a lovely card thanking us for creating ‘a garden room’ the homeowners love.

Looking out onto your garden from your conservatory is like viewing a living landscape painting, complete with birdsong! You can admire the changing colours over the course of the year, as well as watch all sorts of local wildlife.

Autumn began on 22 September this year, and there are plenty of ways to reflect this glorious season in your conservatory’s décor. Warm, earthy colour palettes are ideal. Floor lamps and fairy lights will give the space an autumnal glow, while seasonal cinnamon-scented candles will contribute to the soothing mood. For a touch of luxury, cover seating in soft throws and plump cushions then place a knitted pouf nearby. Perfect!

Devon Conservatories from the Experts

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Thanks to our fantastic range of architectural features, decorative elements and customisation options, we can create a conservatory you’ll want to use all year round. Plus, our big conservatories sale means that now is an ideal time to buy.

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