The Benefits of Installing a Guardian Warm Roof on Your Conservatory

You’ve decided to invest in a conservatory and want to ensure that you spend as much quality time as you can in it all year round.  After all, a conservatory is a beautiful addition and enhancement to your home and adds value to it too.

You may already have a conservatory, and your roof is looking a bit tired. Perhaps you find that it’s hard to control the temperature in your conservatory. Common complaints are that a  conservatory is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter and too noisy.

There’s a solution, and it’s called a Guardian™ warm roof. With the right roof on your conservatory, it can be a room that you spend time in all year round. It can be a study, a playroom, a dining room, a TV room or a kitchen extension. It’s up to you.

Guardian Warm Roof for Conservatories

What’s a Guardian Warm Roof?

The Guardian warm roof is a lightweight insulated roof system that has been designed explicitly with conservatories in mind and has all the appearance of a standard roof instead of a glass or polycarbonate roof.

A Guardian warm roof will ensure your conservatory is cool in the summer, warm in the winter and it’s soundproofed because it’s fully insulated. 

It has a breathable and waterproof membrane, a structural pre-engineered frame and has several layers of high-performance, rigid insulation board. It has been designed to weigh no more than an existing polycarbonate or glass roof. 

What are the Benefits of a Guardian Warm Roof?

There are several benefits to having such a roof installed:

Energy Efficient

A Guardian warm roof is energy efficient because it is thermally efficient and fully insulates your conservatory. This means that it keeps heat inside the conservatory during the colder months.

Like an insulated roof of your house, it will trap the heat inside, meaning you will pay less for your heating bills over time.  

You won’t need to fit expensive blinds that are hard to clean when you have a warm roof because it reduces the sun’s glare significantly. This also means that the sun can’t lighten or bleach your fixtures and fittings. 

It’s Easy on The Eye

A Guardian warm roof is an attractive and impressive addition to your home. It’ll naturally look like a seamless and pleasant looking part of your house.

Noise Reduction

The insulation in the roof system means that external sounds such as winds and rain will be kept out. You can enjoy the peace and quiet even on bad weather days!

No Condensation

If you have a polycarbonate roof, it may be that you have condensation or mould that’s difficult and annoying to tackle. There’s no such issue with a Guardian warm roof. Nor is there any risk of moisture settling in any parts of the roof. 

It’s Guaranteed

The Guardian™ warm roof comes with a full 10-year guarantee. 


It’s effortless and quick to install such a roof. The warm roof system is designed to replace your existing roof without losing or damaging the rest of your conservatory, including the windows, doors, frames, and walls.

It can take as little as two days to install with minimal disruption and optimal benefits.  

If you’re having a conservatory installed from scratch, we would simply incorporate a Guardian warm roof into its design. 

Cost and Design

Every Guardian™ warm roof is made-to-measure to ensure that it is the perfect fit for your conservatory roof. There are different styles of the roof, depending upon your conservatory design.

For example, Victorian, Edwardian, lean-to, gable-ended, P-shape, or you can have your own bespoke design. Whichever type of conservatory you have or you’re thinking of having, there’s a warm roof design roof that will be the perfect fit.

There are different types of roof tiles you can choose from. If you need some extra help, we can talk you through the choices available and which would complement your home design.

There are also different finishes you can have on the interior of your warm roof. For example, some people opt for a plaster ceiling, sometimes with a couple of roof windows. Others go for LED spotlights for a clean and modern look. We can walk you through it all. 

Choosing the Right Installer

It’s essential to select a conservatory and warm roof installer that is well-reviewed by customers, but also one that is registered with the appropriate trade organisations.

Choosing a reputable installer is an essential part of making sure that you are happy not only with the price of your conservatory and warm roof but that there is trust throughout the entire process.

Our installers are fully trained and qualified to install your Guardian™ warm roof and conservatory.

Let Us Help You

Our friendly team is happy to talk to you about having a Guardian™ warm roof installed to your exact specifications.

At The Window Centre, we will walk you through every step of the way and help you choose the right high-quality roof design for your conservatory. 

We’re proud of our work and our excellent customer service. For more information and a no-obligation chat and free quotation and survey, call us on 01626 817 967, visit our independent show site at Trago Mills, or contact us

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  1. I have been recommended to your company. We already have a wooden conservatory 25 years old approx 4 metres x 4 metres with block built surround walls to 50 cms height and a tiled floor. The base, walls and tiled floor are all in good condition. We want to replace the windows and doors and have a Guardian Warm Roof. My mobile phone number is 07708 384042. Look forward to hearing from you.

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