Window Cleaning Tips – How to Keep Your Windows Clean This Summer

Before you light the barbecue and send out the summer party invites, there’s one incredibly important job you need to do first: window cleaning!

When the sun is shining and guests are gathered in your garden, the last thing you need is big window smears stealing the show. In summer, dirty windows are more noticeable than any other time of year, and given the dry weather and extra dust in the air, they quickly pick up grime.

Don’t fear, because here at The Window Centre we’ve got the window cleaning tips you need to keep your windows clean and looking good this summer!

window cleaning - how to keep your windows clean

Stock up on Glass Cleaner

Windows never quite get the love or attention they deserve. If you’re serious about having sparkling windows this summer, you need to invest in the right cleaning equipment to give your windows the care they need.

To start, you need to stock up on glass cleaner. Regular surface cleaners just don’t cut it. In fact, anything other than specialist glass cleaner can leave more smears than when you started.

As well as glass cleaner, make sure you’re using microfibre towels and, if you can, a window squeegee.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Inside Too!

It’s all too easy to forget about the inside of your windows, particularly when you’re enjoying the end of lockdown and making the most of being outside. While we remember to wash the exterior of a windowpane, often it’s the streaks inside that become the most visible if they aren’t cleaned.

We recommend starting on the inside of the home, before moving to the outside. That way, you won’t forget to clean every inch of your windows in time for your first barbecue.

Keep the Dust Away

In summer, there’s a lot of dust around, both inside and outside your home. While it goes without saying that you need to clean the dust off the windows, don’t forget that the best way to keep them clean in the long term is to keep the environment around them dust-free.

That means regularly dusting the windowsills (inside and out) as well as keeping the inside of rooms hoovered and as dust-free as possible. It sounds like a chore, we know, but you’ll love the results when your windows are sparkling in the sunshine.

Upgrade Your Windows

As well as giving your windows a good clean, summer is the best time of year to have your windows completely upgraded. With the sun shining, brand new windows are easily installed and they’re going to look fantastic from the get-go.

The Window Centre offers a comprehensive range of styles and designs, and we’re guaranteed to have the perfect summer windows for your home.

Give the Experts a Call

Here at The Window Centre, we know the best ways to keep windows and conservatories sparkling clean. Our team are window experts, and we can help you to find the perfect style for your home.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows this summer, then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff today.

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