How to Choose the Right Front Door

Your front door performs many functions. It’s the main point of access to your home, so it needs to be strong, secure and durable.

It must also reduce noise and conserve energy, and it’s the first thing visitors see, so a door with kerb appeal is a distinct advantage.

It’s a lot to think about, so here’s our handy guide to help you get it right.

Modern Front Door

Solid or Glass Door?

Does your house stand on a busy road with lots of traffic and passers-by? If so, it may be wise to opt for a solid door to provide maximum noise reduction and privacy.

However, if the door opens onto an entrance hall with little natural light you could consider a small window above the front door (fanlight). Alternatively, a thin vertical glass panel (sidelight) next to the door will do the same job.

A partially glazed front door is also an option. Reinforced security glass will keep you safe and a frosted or tinted finish protects your privacy.    

What’s Your Style?

Do you want a front door that fits with the style of your home or would you prefer something a little different to make it stand out? The choice is yours, but if you’re considering selling at some point it’s probably best to fit in with the existing look of the house.

uPVC Doors

These are a popular, resilient and cost-effective option. uPVC doors are strong, weather-proof and extremely long-lasting. They come in a huge variety of colours, and you can even get special finishes such as wood grain. They provide excellent security as the hinges and locks are an integral part of the steel frame, so there are no weak points.     

Timber Doors

Older and period properties look good with a timber door. Wood also adds a timeless style to a newer house. It’s sturdy and hardwearing, and offers great insulation. The latest construction methods involve removing the knots and building up different layers of wood. This prevents the warping and rotting that was previously common.

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium front doors are strong, sleek and perfect if you’re going for a classy modern look. They’re durable and won’t rust or warp. Although made of metal, aluminium doors have great insulation properties thanks to a special plastic layer within the frame. If the metal look isn’t for you they also come in a variety of colours and finishes.   

Composite Doors

Composite doors tick all the boxes as they combine the best features of the other door materials – extremely strong, durable, elegant and energy-efficient – and they can be customised in numerous ways with different finishes and styles.

Composite doors have a centre core of timber or insulating foam reinforced with steel or wood. The core is covered with a tough and resilient outer coating made from fibreglass and polyester resins, so it’s remarkably sturdy.

Door Locks

The most secure door lock is a multi-point locking system with several bolts running the entire length of the frame. Typically, these have a minimum of three locking points, but you can certainly have more.

You may prefer a mortice deadlock whereby the key operates a single bolt that lodges into the doorframe. For additional security, a door chain can be fitted to prevent the door from opening too far.

Top Quality Doors at the Window Centre

Our front doors come in a variety of styles, materials, colours and finishes, and they all offer the very best in security and insulation.

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