Hot, Stuffy Conservatory? How to Keep It Cool

A conservatory is a wonderful way to enjoy your garden all year round, yet with all those windows it can be very tricky to get the temperature right. Warm weather quickly turns your conservatory into a greenhouse – good for the plants but not so good for you!

Happily, there are several ways to make your outside room into a comfy and relaxing space however sunny it gets.

How to keep your conservatory cool

Plenty of Blinds

Direct sunlight can be overpowering. Blinds let the light in but give shade as well, and they can be fitted to the windows and roof. 

If you plan on using your conservatory all year round, it’s a good idea to select the most versatile blinds.  Basic venetian blinds look good but provide no insulation during the chillier months, so opt for thermal blinds to keep the heat out on warm days and the cold out during the winter.

Good Ventilation

If you’re thinking of having a conservatory built don’t forget to include enough doors and windows to provide a good flow of fresh air. Vents and skylights can also be fitted to boost your fresh air even further (and these can safely be left open if you’re not around to keep everything cool).

If your existing conservatory feels a bit stuffy, why not have a ceiling fan fitted for a stylish and practical solution?

Light Furnishings

Always go for light, bright colours in your conservatory. They don’t just look cooler; they are cooler! Dark fabrics and furniture absorb heat, which then radiates out into the surroundings. That’s fine for chilly days but not so good for summer. Also, sunlight causes darker colours to fade and that leaves everything looking shabby and worn out.

Shade from the Outside

A well-positioned leafy shrub or tree creates a lovely natural shade. You can also fit an outside awning to the conservatory, and this can be fully or partially retracted depending on the weather.   

Air Conditioning

This gives you complete control over the temperature all year round. However, it isn’t the cheapest option, as prices for units can be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. They use a lot of electricity as well, so the running costs can be hefty. However, if you spend a lot of time in your conservatory this may be an option to consider.

Smart Glass

For new builds or if you’re upgrading an existing conservatory, you should consider smart glass. This high-performance material has a special coating that reflects approximately 72% of total solar energy, and this keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Alternatively, you could go for tinted glass. It’s a slightly cheaper option but still offers excellent insulating properties all year round. Both types of glass are suitable for windows, doors and roofs.

And bear in mind that over time this type of specialist glass is often more cost-effective than running air-conditioning or heating systems.  

Replace the Roof

A good roof works wonders for your conservatory by providing top quality heat and sound insulation throughout the year. From reflective glass to heat-proofed tiles or shingles, there are many materials and styles to chose from.

If you already have a conservatory this is a cheaper upgrade option than replacing the entire structure.    

Talk to the Experts

Not sure if you need a new conservatory or how to upgrade your existing one? The friendly and experienced team at The Window Centre will guide you through all the options.

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