Protect Your Home with Secure Windows and Doors

Home security should always be your priority, so it’s essential to fit the right windows and doors to protect your property. Burglars can be very determined, and sadly anyone can be a target.

At The Window Centre we always have your safety in mind, so here is our handy guide to protecting your home and keeping you and your family safe.

Secure Windows and Doors

Are Your Windows and Doors in Good Condition?

Warped and rotten frames, single-pane windows, no locks or broken locks: if your home has even some of these issues, you need to get them fixed. This makes your home vulnerable and is all too tempting to an intruder.

Multi-Point Locking

Older windows and doors often don’t have locks, and even if they do it’s likely to be one central lock. This is easy for a burglar to break and force open. Indeed, without multiple locks it’s possible to gain access simply by giving the pane a good kick, as there are fewer points (locks) to hold the glass in place.

Newer windows and doors have multiple locking points and the locks themselves come in an ingenious range of sturdy designs. For example, sash windows can be locked into the frame with multiple shoot bolts, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to force the window open.

Anti-drill locks are fitted with steel pins, cylinders and ceramic plates, which prevent the internal mechanism from being drilled into and forced open. Hinges can be fitted with protectors and anti-lift pins, which prevents doors from being lifted straight off their hinges (which was possible with some older style sliding patio doors and conservatory doors).

Internal Beading

Glazing bead is the strip of material holding the pane in place within the frame. It can be timber, aluminium or plastic, depending on the style of your windows. Older windows had beading on the outside, and a well-equipped intruder could simply pop out the beading with a screwdriver and lift out the entire pane

Modern windows have internal beading so the only way of removing the glass is to smash it. Of course, this is perfectly possible but it’s going to make a lot of noise which may easily alert neighbours and passers-by (or even you, if you’re sound asleep) – yet another reason why it’s vital to protect your home with the most up-to-date windows and doors.

Peace of Mind with Secured by Design (SBD)

SBD is a police initiative to improve the security of homes, shops and workplaces. Local planners and developers have worked with the police to establish specific criteria for the design of products such as doors and windows. The aim is to make them as burglar-proof as possible.

At The Window Centre, our quality doors and windows meet the required standards, as determined by the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS). As such, we officially hold Secured by Design accreditation. To achieve this, our products have been rigorously inspected and thoroughly tested to ensure they can resist a genuine attempt to break-in.  

Frames, locks and glazing have all been put through their paces, and the result is the highest quality laminated glass, high security locks and ingenious designs to restrict access and deter intruders.

Don’t Leave Home Security to Chance

Protect your home with our smart and functional range of windows and doors. Our tailor-made solutions have something for every style and taste, and our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through the whole process.

Contact The Window Centre today.  

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