Inspiring Ways to Use Your Conservatory This Summer

Are you keen to enhance your home with a conservatory? Or are you planning to update your existing conservatory to breathe new life into this versatile extra room? As experienced fitters of Devon conservatories, we know many homeowners think of them as life-enhancing spaces. This is especially true during the kind of balmy summer weather recently seen across the South West and elsewhere in the UK.

As well as being great places to catch some rays (or stay dry during summer showers!), conservatories are ideally suited to all sorts of fun activities. To make the most of your new or newly updated conservatory this summer, read on… We’ll explore inspiring ways to use your conservatory during warm, sunny days. Plus, we have helpful suggestions if you want to ensure it stays cool and comfortable regardless of how high the temperature is outside.

Enjoy an Indoor Picnic

Picnics in the countryside have long been a summer staple but rarely go smoothly. From the moment you open your picnic hamper, you’re being hampered by problems. Someone forgot the sandwiches. The orange juice has leaked over everything else. You spend more time dodging wasps than enjoying the scenery.

How about an indoor picnic in the relaxing surroundings of your conservatory instead? Spread out a picnic rug and add floor cushions. Artfully arrange the contents of a first-class Fortnum & Mason hamper in front of you. While you enjoy fine food and drink in the great indoors, gaze out across your sun-soaked garden. Bliss!

Enjoy an Indoor Picnic in your conservatory

Grow Delicious Fruit

A bright and airy conservatory boosts the all-important natural light levels in your home, which in turn is likely to boost your mood. It also makes light work of looking after sunlight-loving houseplants – another reliable mood-enhancer. Scientific research has shown that spending even just five to ten minutes in a room decorated with plants can make you happier.

Why not take a love of plants further and grow fruit in your conservatory this summer and beyond? Lemons, oranges, grapes, peaches, apricots and more can all thrive there. Growing strawberries is a great way to start. You could plant strawberry seeds in pots or hanging baskets (The Spruce’s gardening gurus suggest using ‘well-draining soil fed with organic compost or fertilizer’) and put them by the windows. Water daily – and look forward to the taste of summer!

Grow Fruit in your conservatory

Create an Art Studio

One of the biggest benefits of a conservatory is the extra space. You can do things you didn’t have room for before, such as creating a home art studio. If you want to rediscover your creative side when taking time off work this summer or are wondering how to keep the kids or grandkids entertained during the school holidays, this could be the answer. Sketching, painting, collaging and sculpting with clay are wonderfully enjoyable pastimes.

High street shops sell plenty of inexpensive art and craft supplies. You won’t be short of inspiration either – imagine sitting in your conservatory painting your garden. Nature always looks glorious in the summer.

Create an Art Studio in your conservatory

Hire a Cocktail Bar

Did you know you can hire a cocktail bar and expert mixologist for a party at home? This idea is certainly worth considering if you fancy turning your conservatory into a cocktail lounge this summer!

Another tip is to celebrate the fantastic weather by giving your party an uplifting tropical theme: think flower garlands, palm leaves, Hawaiian shirts, lanterns, seafood dishes and, of course, cocktails such as Piña Coladas, Hurricanes and Mojitos. (Don’t forget to put some non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ on the menu too.)

Dance to ‘Club Tropicana’ or relax with beach sounds, toast the sunset and make magical memories, all from the comfort of your conservatory.

Hire a Cocktail Bar

Devon Conservatory Installation from the Experts

The Window Centre Newton Abbot team can help you to keep your conservatory a pleasant temperature in hot weather, so you can enjoy every moment you spend in there. For example:

  • Installing smart glass offers enhanced climate control, because it reflects around 72% of solar energy – far more than ordinary glass.
  • Bronze tint glazing also keeps conservatories cool, thanks to its ability to reduce glare and heat gain.
  • Unlike many traditional conservatory rooves, a Guardian Warm Roof reduces glare. Its clever insulation will prevent your conservatory overheating and regulates the climate. Plus, one roof can last an amazing 25 years!

Whether you want a full Devon conservatory installation or improvements made to an existing conservatory, we have the skills and expertise to turn your dreams into reality.

For a Devon conservatory you’ll enjoy this summer and beyond, simply contact us or visit our showsite.

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