Smart Home Improvement Ideas

Finding ways to make your home more spacious, comfortable and energy-efficient is always a good idea. Whether you’re settling down or moving on, it’s essential to make the right choices.

Change comes at a price and we’re all watching the pennies these days, so here are some practical and smart home improvement ideas to get you started.

Smart Home Improvement ideas

Do You Really Need a Fabulous Kitchen?

We all want one of these, but a stylish new kitchen is costly. Small to medium kitchens can be anything from £5,000 to £10,000 (minimum), not including labour and installation.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need to be this pricy. Doors, sinks and worktops can be replaced (using the original carcasses) – a much cheaper option than fitting new units from scratch. Updated lighting and a coat of paint in a light, neutral colour makes everything feel fresh and spacious. You can even paint your existing cabinets.

Bear in mind that new buyers regularly rip out the kitchen and start again, so if you’re thinking of selling it’s best to perk up the existing one rather than replace it altogether.

What About the Bathroom?  

This raises the same issues as the kitchen. A brand-new bathroom can start at £6,000 plus and may not be to a future buyer’s taste anyway. Why not consider replacing the sanitaryware with new units rather than ripping everything out? This can work for you or a future owner. Decent, budget-friendly units (toilet, bath, basin) can cost in the region of £500 but don’t forget taps and labour costs.

Don’t Get Rid of Bedrooms

It’s tempting to turn two small rooms into one by knocking down a wall, but a large part of the overall value of your property depends on the number of bedrooms.  If you’re selling it’s wise to hang on to them all. Extra bedrooms boost the selling price by approximately 15% – not something you want to lose.

Adding Space

Mind you, extra space in the right place adds considerable value, so if it’s within your budget an extension or loft conversion is worth thinking about. A conservatory is a cost-effective alternative and provides a versatile and comfy space all year round, making it an extremely smart home improvement option.

Don’t Be Too Quirky

Vibrant colours and exotic wallpaper aren’t everyone’s taste and are likely to be a big turn-off for potential buyers. Even if you’re staying for the long term this could be unwise for you as well. Eye-catching features can be overpowering; indeed, if your home is small, strong colours and bold wallpaper will be claustrophobic.

Instead, opt for light colours such as white, beige, ivory or grey for a fresh and spacious feel. You can still add colour and character with rugs, cushions, paintings and soft furnishings.  

Simple Solutions for Chilly Rooms

Draughts can be surprisingly sneaky. Letterboxes, gaps in floorboards and splits in skirting boards may not be obvious problem areas, but they all allow cold air to creep in. Poorly fitting loft hatches and downlights compound the problem by channelling chilly air from the attic.

Happily, the solution is easy and cost-effective. Letterboxes can be covered with brush excluders and specialist silicon from your home-improvement store will deal with split wood. Draught excluders for loft hatches and downlights are available from many stores and online.  

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Modern and stylish double and secondary glazing helps to keep utility bills in check, improves comfort and adds value to your property.

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