4 Reasons Why You Need a Porch

A porch isn’t just another front door. The size may be modest but it makes a wonderfully versatile addition to your home. It provides a handy extra room, looks good and can even save you money.

modern home with a porch

Here are a few points to consider.

1. Beefs Up Security

A porch acts as a handy barrier between the street and your house before you even reach the front door. As such it provides an additional level of security. Potential intruders must fight their way through two doors rather than one if they try to break in. Just seeing an extra door will make a burglar think twice, and that’s always a good thing.

A porch also allows you to see visitors before opening the door. This is reassuring for anyone but particularly elderly folks or those who live alone.

Top-quality windows, sturdy doors and multipoint locks make a porch as secure as the rest of your house, so you’ll be assured there are no weak spots for an intruder to exploit.

2. Provides an Extra Room

A porch does a lot more than give you access to the front door. It provides an extra room that’s ideal for storing the sort of clutter you don’t need in the house.

Why march indoors with muddy shoes or wet coats when you can leave them in the porch? Keep things tidy with a shoe rack and coat stand and maybe a storage box for the kids’ toys. Depending on the size and design, this could also be the ideal spot for pot plants – creating a lovely tranquil welcome to your home.

3. Keep Things Cosy and Save on Bills

A porch provides a barrier between the front door and the chilly inside, which helps to minimise heat loss – particularly if your porch is fitted with thermally efficient windows and a quality door. Just make sure you close one door before you open the other.

This is welcome in any home but can be especially useful if your front door is old and draughty. This can certainly be the case if you live in a period property.

4. A Porch Looks Good

A smart porch that compliments the style of your house certainly has kerb appeal. It helps your home stand out from the crowd and makes it look bigger. This is particularly handy if you’re thinking of selling, and even if you’re not it’s nice to know your house is attractive and inviting.

Do You Need Planning Permission?

Porches are generally considered to be ‘permitted development’ according to Local Authority Building Regulations, so planning permission isn’t usually required. However, there are certain criteria:

  • The floor space mustn’t exceed three metres.
  • The porch can’t be higher than three metres from the ground.
  • It can extend up to two metres from the property (but no further).
  • The front door can’t be moved.
  • Porches can only be added to houses (not flats or maisonettes).

It’s important to note that in some circumstances there will be restrictions and indeed, it may not be possible to add a porch at all. Make sure you check if your home is:

  • A listed building
  • Situated in a Conservation Area
  • Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Talk to the Experts

Whatever the style or location of your home it’s wise to check with your Local Authority if you’re not certain. Alternatively, speak to an experienced installer like The Window Centre. We’re happy to give you all the information you need and guide your through the installation of your new porch.

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