You Need Natural Light in Your Home: How to Get It and Why You Should

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors even though this is really unhealthy. Generally, we have no choice as work commitments, bad weather or poor health conspire to keep us inside – and now we have the pandemic to deal with as well.  

These things can’t be magicked away, but they can be dramatically improved. By increasing the amount of natural light that comes into your home you’ll be happier and healthier, and save money too!

You Need Natural Light in Your Home

Save Money and Energy

More daylight means less electricity is needed for lighting and you need less heating to keep everything cosy – depending on the temperature, of course. In warmer weather, it can still be chilly indoors, but sunlight creates warm spots to take the chill off and make everything more cheerful.

Boosts Physical and Mental Health

Being stuck inside all day can be miserable whatever the weather. However, exposure to decent levels of sunlight gives you numerous benefits – physically and mentally.

Natural light stimulates the body to produce vitamins D and B, boosts the immune system, helps the brain to deal with stress, contributes to lower blood pressure, regulates sleep patterns, helps concentration and generally improves your mood – and these are just some of the physical benefits!

Increases the Value of Your Home

Light and space are two of the big factors when people are looking to buy a new home. Indeed, buyers are often willing to pay more to ensure they get plenty of both.

Natural light greatly increases the sense of space in your home and creates a fresh and cheerful ambience, so you should definitely be thinking of ways to increase this if you plan to sell at some point – and it’s a nicer space for you, even if you’re staying put.

So, how do you do this?

Here are some simple measures to increase the amount of daylight in your home.

Think About Curtains and Blinds

Dark and heavy curtains block out so much light. Even when drawn they still obscure part of the window and create a gloomy feel in the room. Light, sheer fabrics allow plenty of light to penetrate but still provide privacy.

Alternatively, blinds in a light and natural colour will have the same effect of space and airiness, and they have the advantage of protecting your privacy even when they’re open.   

Cut Back Foliage and Keep Everything Clean

Bushes, plants and trees can obscure a remarkable amount of light – not to mention the view. Make sure they are regularly pruned to prevent them from growing over windows.

The same is true of dirty glass, particularly if you live near a road or the sea. Residue from fumes and salt air causes a considerable build up so don’t forget to give everything a regular clean.

Brighten the Interior with a Lick of Paint

In terms of light and space, this will work wonders. White and light pastels are the obvious choice, but you can go one step further and opt for specialist paint. Light reflective particles in the paint reflect light back into the room far more effectively than standard paint.

Choose the Right Doors and Windows

There’s no better way to let in morelight and increase the sense of space in your home, but with numerous window and door designs to choose from where do you start?

That’s where the Window Centre can help.

For comfortable, stylish and cost-effective windows and doors contact us today.

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