Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your House Cosy

Many UK homes are poorly insulated with too many places for the cold to creep in. In cooler weather, it’s tempting to turn up the heating, but this won’t eliminate draughts entirely – and with rising energy bills this isn’t an attractive solution.  

Fortunately, there are easy and cost-effective ways to keep in the warmth without cranking up the heating.   

Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your House Cosy

Old Windows and Frames 

Single pane windows and damaged frames provide little insulation and older double-glazed units can develop faults as well. Weatherstrip is an easy and cost-effective solution. These strips of foam or rubber will seal gaps and cracks in window and door frames.   

The entire window and frame unit can be covered with window film for an extra layer of insulation. The materials aren’t expensive but will go a long way to keeping the heat in and cold air out.  

Insulating Curtains and Blinds 

Curtains provide an additional layer of protection. You can get thermal lined curtains but even a heavy pair of good quality standard ones will do the job.   

Standard blinds provide little insulation, but thermal blinds are much more effective. These incorporate little pockets lined with aluminium that reflect heat back into the room.  

Don’t Forget the Fireplace 

If you have an open fireplace don’t forget to use a chimney draught excluder when you’re not using the fire. Without this, the warm air generated by your central heating goes straight up the chimney.  

Cover and Insulate the Floor  

Wooden flooring is always popular but doesn’t provide the best insulation. If you’re thinking of adding or replacing carpets, make sure they come with underlay. Without underlay, carpets give out surprisingly little warmth.

There are several synthetic and organic types of underlay in a variety of thicknesses. It’s relatively cheap, easy to install and makes the room cosier. If your budget doesn’t stretch to this, even a few heavy rugs will make things more comfortable and take off the chill.   

Close the Doors and Move the Furniture 

Open doors allow warm air to escape. This may seem obvious but it’s easy to overlook during the daily rush. Shut doors behind you, and that includes rooms you aren’t using.  

Blocking radiators prevents warm air from circulating so reorganise your furniture to stop this from happening. For an extra boost, install heat reflectors behind the radiators to reflect heat back into the room. This simple and cost-effective measure will make things a lot more comfortable.    

Insulate Your Heating System 

Without insulation, a great deal of heat dissipates before it has a chance to circulate in the home. Consider wrapping hot water pipes with pipe lagging to prevent this. It isn’t expensive and is easy to install. Just wrap it around the pipe and apply tape to keep it in place. If you have a hot water tank, always keep it covered with a heatproof jacket.  

Wall and Loft Insulation 

If your attic and walls aren’t properly insulated, you’re losing a huge amount of the heat generated by your boiler. Roughly a quarter seeps through the roof and around 35% through your walls. Consider installing loft and wall insulation – despite the initial cost you’ll see the benefits very quickly, both in terms of comfort and your heating bills. Without loft insulation, you’re simply throwing money away.  

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