Is It Time for New Windows?

When it comes to home maintenance nothing lasts forever. Even quality windows need replacing at some point. The good news is that new windows improve your comfort and security, and help to reduce your energy bills.

On average uPVC windows should be good for 15 – 20 years, aluminium ones for around 25 years, and wooden ones can go on for 50 years (providing they are regularly and correctly maintained).  

Replacing windows isn’t something you want to do regularly or unnecessarily, so how do you know when the time is right?

Here’s what you need to know.

New windows

Window Frames Can Warp Over Time

Our homes are bombarded with constant changes in temperature. The weather shifts from hot to cold, wet to dry and back again all year round.

Higher temperatures cause frames to expand, whilst cooler weather makes them contract. Over time these constant fluctuations will badly affect older window frames. Eventually, they’ll warp, and this prevents them from fitting the aperture properly.

Modern uPVC frames are designed with these fluctuations in mind. They can expand and contract whilst still maintaining structural integrity and shape. This makes new windows a good investment, as they are sturdier and more weather resistant than their older counterparts.

Windows Are Difficult to Open and Close

If your windows don’t fit correctly, you’ll struggle to close them snuggly. Warping isn’t the only culprit here. Faulty locks or handles may also be to blame. Either way, this creates an uncomfortable draught and poses a considerable security risk.

Cold Spots and Nasty Draughts

Even if everything fits well you may still detect a cold spot. This can be due to the rubber window seals. These hold back moisture and prevent draughts, but over time they tend to degrade. They can be replaced but this is unlikely to provide the same level of insulation as a new window.

Can You See Condensation on or Between the Panes?

Excess moisture also creates mould if left untreated. This is unsightly and, more importantly, a health hazard that can lead to infections.

A wet, internal pane can be wiped but there’s no way of accessing condensation between the two double glazing panes. This is a sure sign that the windows are blown and no longer provide adequate insulation.

Can You Hear Too Much Outside Noise?

If you clearly hear noise from outside when the window is closed, the impact on your quality of life is considerable. It’s also an indication that your window has been around for years, as newer versions are constructed with noise reduction in mind.

Are Your Energy Bills Creeping Up?

The first thing you do when the house is cold and miserable is crank up the thermostat. Clearly, this cranks up the bills as well and if your windows are poor quality, the chances are you’re still chilly and uncomfortable. It’s an ongoing cost for very little gain.    

Top-quality windows fitted by an experienced installer instantly make everything cosier and help to bring those eye-watering energy bills under control. And, if you’re thinking of selling, your smart and energy-efficient new windows are a big bonus for potential buyers.

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