Ensuring Your Home Makes a Great First Impression

Perhaps you’re hosting a party for loved ones you haven’t seen for ages or have invited your new colleague round for dinner. Perhaps your mother-in-law has announced she’s coming to stay for a while. Perhaps you’re thinking of selling your property. These are just some of the many reasons why you might be particularly keen to ensure that your home makes the best possible first impression on visitors.

If you’re unsure what steps to take in order to make your property’s exterior more presentable, don’t worry! The trusted, experienced team here at The Window Centre, Newton Abbot, helps numerous Devon homeowners to enhance their entrances. Read on to discover some of our favourite ways to boost your home’s kerb appeal.

Ensuring Your Home Makes a Great First Impression

Clear a Path to Your Property

When you want to make your home feel more welcoming, it’s important to ensure the path to your front door is clear. So you’ll want to look for any obstructions (bikes, wheelie bins, etc.) and remove them. Remove dead leaves too.

If you have a front gate, don’t forget to check whether it opens and closes smoothly or needs oiling, so that it doesn’t present a problem to your visitors. Your postman will be pleased too!

Add Outdoor Seating

Perhaps there’s room for a bench outside your property. Adding outdoor seating can’t fail to create a friendly atmosphere. It’s an excellent way to make the most of the space and make a great first impression on anyone who pops round.

Banish Weeds and Trim Hedges

Are unsightly green invaders threatening to take over your front garden, driveway or path? Then it’s time to apply weedkiller – your property will look much better in no time. If there are only a few weeds to deal with instead, you could just pull the pests out with the aid of a garden fork, but ensure you remove all the roots.

It’s also worth devoting time to pruning trees, hedges and shrubs and mowing the front lawn.

Upgrade to a Composite Front Door

Now you’ve dealt with the area immediately in front of your home, let’s move on to your front door. Is it looking tired? Are there signs of damage? If so, consider replacing it with a more stylish, highly secure option, such as one of our superior quality Devon composite doors.

Your front door is, in the words of Homes & Gardens magazine, ‘an integral part of both the look and feel of the whole property’. So it’s crucial that it says all the right things about you when you want to present your home in the best light. It also gives your visitors a taste of your style – of what they can expect when they step inside.

As our composite doors guide emphasises, we offer numerous customisation options: a choice of chic colours, smooth and textured finishes, patterned and plain glass panes in various shapes, plus a superb selection of handles, knockers and letterboxes. This ensures your composite door is a great match for your home.

Another key advantage of composite doors is that the elements that make up each door (typically, a laminated hardwood core, reinforced metal inner frame and glass-reinforced plastic coating) complement and support each other perfectly. The doors are weatherproof, resistant to fading, warping and damage, and also energy efficient.

After sunset, visitors will love being greeted by the warm glow of an outdoor solar light that highlights your property’s name or number.

A personalised doormat, featuring your address and/or family name, is the perfect finishing touch!

Decorate with Scented Plants

You can draw attention to your fantastic new composite door by mounting hanging baskets filled with bright, scented flowers either side of it. For example, sweet alyssum and begonias can make your home more enticing to visitors.

Continue the floral theme by displaying vases filled with tulips or other bold blooms on your windowsills.

Pay Attention to Your Windows

Talking of your windows, you can make them sparkle by cleaning them thoroughly with a high-quality glass cleaner and gentle yet effective microfiber cloth.

Of course, you may find cleaning isn’t enough. If your windows are warping, draughty or plagued by condensation, it’s sensible to invest in new ones. We’re proud to say that all our Devon windows, including sash and casement styles, are A-Rated as standard, fully certified and supported by a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee.

Devon Doors and Windows Specialists

A new front door and/or new windows can go a long way to ensuring that your visitors’ first impressions of your home count in your favour.

Why not visit The Window Centre showsite or contact us today to discuss your requirements?

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