How Eco-Friendly Is uPVC?

Is uPVC an eco-friendly and sustainable option for your new windows?

Homeowners are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their lifestyles and purchasing choices. The need to reduce our carbon footprint and safely recycle and reuse products has never been more urgent, so eco-friendly options are an essential choice for many.

However, the most common material for window and door frames in the UK is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or uPVC for short. This is a type of plastic, and you could be forgiven for thinking this doesn’t sound like a sustainable option for your new windows.

Happily, there is a lot more to uPVC than you may realise – in a good way! 

uPVC windows in a modern lounge

Tough and Durable

Once your new uPVC windows and doors are installed you don’t need to worry about replacing them for at least 30 years. They won’t warp or crack and they’ll resist anything the weather has to throw at them.

Because of their superior strength, potential intruders will have a tough time trying to break in. When paired with top-quality glass and a multi-point locking system you can rest assured your family and home are protected in the best possible way.

Inexpensive to Maintain

Because they won’t decay or fall apart you don’t need to apply special treatments or keep repainting your uPVC frames. An occasional wipe-over with warm soapy water is enough to perk them up and keep them looking good. And if you fancy a new look, you can repaint them in a different colour from time to time.

Top Class Energy Efficiency

uPVC frames are filled with insulating foam and welded securely together. This prevents air from leaking in or out and helps to keep your home at a comfortable temperature whatever the weather. Consequently, there’s no need for your heating to be going full blast on cold days. In warmer weather, the interior will be comfortably cool and the hot air stays outside.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Of course, this isn’t just about comfort or your bills. By reducing your reliance on gas, oil and coal you’re keeping destructive greenhouse gases under control – thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Keeps Out Pollutants

Sturdy frames combined with quality double glazing form a robust unit to keep out harmful pollutants. Smoke, dust and toxic fumes will stay outside where they belong.  

They also keep intrusive noise at bay, so traffic or loud passers-by won’t drive you mad – all of which is good news for your physical and mental wellbeing.

What Makes uPVC Recyclable?

uPVC is a thermoplastic which means it can be melted down without destroying the integrity of its components (a combination of hydrogen, carbon and chlorine). This allows it to be recycled at the end of its lifespan and turned into new products.  

The process needs to be done by a specialist facility but it’s relatively simple. The frames are broken down into their components and carefully cleaned (the glass is melted down separately). Any metal parts are removed, and the uPVC is further broken down into granules.

These are then melted and reconstructed to make all sorts of new products, such as pipes, furniture, flooring or even new windows – a far better solution than sending your old windows and doors to landfill.

Sustainable, Energy-Efficient and Durable – uPVC Windows and Doors

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