Sash Windows: A Modern Classic

Sash windows have been around since the 17th century, and their distinctive look is part of our historic heritage. For this reason, sash windows aren’t always an obvious choice for modern homes.

However, their elegant style works remarkably well in contemporary properties, so it’s well worth considering these classic windows if you’re planning something new.     

modern sash windows in a contemporary home

What Exactly Is a Sash Window?

The basic design is the same as it was hundreds of years ago. The window consists of two separate frames (sashes) mounted within the main frame of the window. Each sash contains a pane or several panes of glass.

The two sashes are attached to weighted cords, which connect to a pulley system. This allows them to open and close by sliding up and down within the main window frame.

Traditional Sash Windows

The sash windows of Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times let in the cold, and with every draught came an annoying rattle as the sashes often fitted rather loosely within the main frame. In addition, the original windows only had single panes of glass, which provided very little insulation.

Happily, modern design and technology have solved these issues so sash windows are a great choice if you’re looking to update your home.

Energy-Efficient Double Glazing

Modern sash windows still come in two sections and slide up and down. However, double glazing comes as standard, and the frames have draught proofing around the edges. This creates an airtight seal, so you’ve no need to worry about the cold creeping in.

Double glazing keeps warm air in and cold air out during the cooler months. In warmer weather, it works in reverse to keep warm air out and the interior pleasantly cool on warmer days.  

A Variety of Styles

Within each sash, you can have one or several panes of glass. If you have a period home and you want to go for the most authentic look, these are your options:

  • Georgian style: each sash has a six-panel grid design.
  • Victorian style: each sash has a two-panel grid design.
  • Edwardian style: the top sash has six panels, and the bottom sash has one or two panes.

Ultimately, it’s down to your personal taste and what suits your home. That’s the beauty of sash windows – there are so many variations. Nowadays, in contemporary homes one big pane in each sash is common. This also allows the window to let in a maximum amount of light.

First Rate Security

Original sash windows were secured with a basic locking point between the upper and lower sashes. This was far too easy to force open from the outside. Modern windows incorporate multiple locking points and security bars to make forced entry extremely difficult indeed.

Compact and Space Saving

Sash windows don’t take up space inside your home – even when fully open they’re contained within the frame. This makes them ideal for smaller houses or flats, so even if space is limited, you’ll still get plenty of fresh air.

Numerous Design Options

Contemporary sash windows can be made in a variety of materials including timber, uPVC and aluminium. All options are tough and durable, and come in a variety of colours. They also provide the same level of insulation as all other window styles. Draughty old sash windows are definitely a thing of the past.

Classical Elegance and Modern Chic at The Window Centre

Sash windows offer an attractive combination of timeless style and modern chic to any home.

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