How to Give Your Windows a Health Check

At this time of year, many people’s thoughts turn to spring cleaning. If cleaning your windows is on your to-do list, why not give them a ‘health check’ at the same time?

Inspecting your windows is a particularly good idea when winter comes to an end. Wet, cold weather may have taken its toll, undermining your windows’ structure, security and functionality. This is most likely to be the case if your windows are old, poorly designed or weren’t installed to a high standard. They may also be suffering if window maintenance has slipped off your radar lately.

While carrying out a window inspection in each room, don’t forget to jot down any issues you uncover. You can then make a well-informed decision about whether you need to get any windows repaired or indeed require new windows in order for your home to continue looking its best and providing you with a safe, quiet, pleasant environment.

Devon windows look out onto some of the most beautiful landscapes.

Window Panes

Devon windows look out onto some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK, so don’t let window pane problems spoil your view.

A large crack in the glass would almost certainly attract your attention as soon as it appeared. But there may be smaller cracks, chips or scratches that you don’t notice until you examine your windows carefully. Sudden temperature changes or small objects, such as sharp pieces of gravel, striking the glass at speed may have damaged one or more of the panes.

Even minor imperfections can look unsightly, compromise a window’s ability to protect your home from the elements, and weaken the whole pane, potentially leading to more serious problems.

Double Glazing

According to market research from Statista, 87.5% of houses in England have full double glazing.

If your property benefits from double-glazed windows, look for any condensation between the panes of glass: this is a sign that the cavity isn’t properly sealed anymore. As a result, the double glazing’s ability to insulate your home will be significantly compromised.

Window Seals and Caulk

Another key part of your window health check involves examining the seals (typically made of rubber) that help to keep the panes in place. You’ll want to check for any signs they’ve deteriorated. Are there any dried-out, brittle or cracked areas? Can you see any gaps? Can you feel a draught?

It’s important to ask yourself the same questions about the filler and sealant, often referred to as caulk, around the outside of your window frames. Examine the wall surrounding each frame too.

If the seals, caulk or walls themselves are in poor condition, rooms can feel chilly, insects can easily get in, and the windows will be less stable and secure than they should be.

Window Frames

Are your window frames robust, symmetrical and pleasing to look at? Or are they warping due to age or environmental factors such as dampness?

If you have wooden frames, look for any spongy, cracked areas: they indicate that rot has set in.

Remember to check your window frames’ drainage holes, as blockages can lead to leaks. It’s sensible to look at the trickle vents too (if your windows are fitted with them) in case any debris has got in.

Whether you have casement windows, sash windows, awning windows or other window types, they should open and close smoothly and easily. They might ‘stick’ or feel stiff if the frames are losing their shape or the window tracks are dirty.

Window Hardware

Opening and closing your windows may also be difficult if their hardware isn’t working properly or hasn’t been lubricated much, so it’s worth inspecting all the hinges, handles, locks, etc. Look out for any missing screws or corrosion.

This is also a good time to make sure you know where the key for each lockable window is kept.

Experienced Devon Window Installers

If you’re concerned by anything you discover during your window inspection, rest assured that the experts at The Window Centre, Newton Abbot, have the knowledge, skills and products to help you.

It’s often more cost-effective for homeowners to install replacement windows than try to fix ones that are past their best. As a leading professional window supply and installation company, we take pride in offering a superb range of high-performance, brilliantly secure, low-maintenance windows in many attractive styles and finishes, including double glazing and uPVC frames.

All the windows we sell are A-Rated for energy efficiency and come with a ten-year guarantee. Plus, we’re a FENSA Registered Company, so you can have every confidence in our services.

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