Top Tips for Selling Your House

If you’re thinking of selling your house, it needs to be in the best condition possible. Chances are there’ll be a few things to tidy up, mend or replace. Buyers don’t want properties that need work, so you must prepare properly before putting your home on the market.

Traditionally, spring is the most popular time in the UK to buy and sell houses. This means March, April and May, so now is the time to start planning any improvements or repairs your home may need. Believe it or not, next year is just around the corner!

Selling Your House

Minor Repairs

These are all the things you’ve been putting off for ages! Leaking taps, threadbare carpets, cracked tiles, dodgy electrics – anything that’s worn out and/or broken needs to be fixed or replaced. Something as simple as replacing old, dingy light bulbs with new, energy-efficient ones will help to make your house bright, airy and inviting.

If you’re good at DIY you can do a lot of this yourself. If not, it’s worth paying for someone who is; a botch job won’t solve the problem.

Sort Out the Roof

A leaking roof and clogged gutters are very unappealing, so these should be fixed. A new roof (if you need it) is a very attractive selling point so it’s certainly worth the cost and effort.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Strong colours and feature wallpaper are overpowering if they’re not to your taste. Neutral, light colours create a refreshing and spacious ambience and are much more inviting to a prospective buyer.

Don’t leave the painting until the last minute. You don’t want that fresh paint smell hanging around when buyers come to view the house.  

Declutter and Tidy

Numerous personal items lying around are a real turn-off. They make the house feel small and cluttered. Clothes, shoes, toys, everything should be tidied away in a cupboard or drawer. If you don’t have room at home, put things into storage or get rid of them altogether.  

Ornaments and knickknacks on every surface are also off-putting. All these bits and bobs make the house look scruffy and make it harder for your buyer to imagine themselves living there.

Don’t Get Carried Away Though

There’s nothing wrong with a few personal items though. This is your home after all and if everything is locked away it’ll look like an impersonal hotel. Just make sure your possessions are neat and tidy and there aren’t too many scattered around.

Deep Clean Everything

If your house is dirty your hard work to tidy it up is wasted. Dirt, stains, grease, mould and bad smells will have your buyers running for the door.

Kitchens and bathrooms must be spotless and so must everywhere else, including windows, doors, floors and all surfaces. Deep clean everything and steam the carpets or get a professional cleaning company to do it for you. And don’t forget to tidy the garage!

Kerb Appeal is Vital

First impressions count so mow the front lawn, prune the flowers and cut back overhanging trees. If your front door is a bit tatty now is the time to paint it or replace it altogether. Of course, the back garden must be well kept and tidy as well.

New Windows – A Major Feature for Buyers

Stylish and energy-efficient windows and doors are a huge selling point for potential buyers. Indeed, surveys have found that well-maintained windows are a major consideration when looking for a new home.

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