Smart Ways to Update Your Home

These days many people are choosing to update their property rather than move. It’s well worth the effort, as a little work will make your home more comfortable and stylish. And, if you’re thinking of moving in the future it’ll also add value.

Smart Ways to Update Your Home

Redecorate and Fix Small Problems

A fresh lick of paint makes a huge difference and livens up tired old rooms and dark corners. Use light colours to create a clean and spacious ambience.

Don’t forget those fix those annoying problems. Dripping taps, dirty marks around light switches and door handles, limescale in the kitchen and bathroom, and squeaky floors should only be ignored for so long.

A clean, well-maintained house is clearly more appealing to buyers. And, if you’re not going anywhere, you’ll find it’s a lot more appealing to you as well.

Kitchen Makeover

A complete refit is costly but there are many cost-effective ways to upgrade to a smart new look without major hassle. Cupboard doors and handles can be replaced without ripping the whole unit out (providing the framework is in good condition). Of course, you can just paint the existing doors if you still like the style.

Simply tidying the counters and reducing clutter will give your kitchen a more spacious feel. If you need extra storage, there are plenty of cleverly designed solutions to suit any space and budget.     

Perk up the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, this doesn’t have to be a huge project. New sanitaryware and taps can be bought for a few hundred pounds, and if you still have an avocado bathroom suite it’s definitely time to upgrade to a white and modern alternative.

If your tiles are in good condition but in need of a lift, perk them up with white tile paint. Should they need replacing you can tile over the old ones, as removing them can be tricky and time-consuming.

The floor should be easy to keep clean. Vinyl or tile floor tiles will do the trick and there’s a big variety to choose from. A mirror makes your bathroom feel lighter and larger, and if you’ve already got one it won’t hurt to add another.  

Add a Downstairs Loo

This is an attraction for buyers and homeowners alike. It’s handy for children, visitors, older, less mobile residents, or anyone who appreciates the convenience. You don’t need a large house to do this. An under-stairs cupboard is perfect and common in many UK homes.

Your cupboard can be converted for between £1,000 and £3,000.  This is a good investment, as it adds several thousand to the value of your house. You will need to comply with building regulations, but you won’t need planning permission unless your property is listed.

Install New Windows

Replacing old windows is an excellent investment and solves many problems at once. Older windows offer poor insulation, which leaves your home draughty and uncomfortable and has an unhealthy effect on your energy bills. In addition, badly fitted or badly maintained windows pose a considerable security risk and do little to keep out unwanted street noise.

By fitting new windows you’ll ensure your home is safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, and they’ll look good as well. And, if you’re looking to sell at some point, this will certainly be a big plus point for potential buyers.

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