Bay and Bow Windows: Make Rooms Larger Without Knocking Down Walls

Have you ever wished your house felt more spacious? However, knocking down walls and building extensions can be costly, disruptive and may not even be possible for structural reasons. 

Fortunately, there are many solutions far easier than major building work. Here are a few ideas to help you create a stylish, airy and comfortable home.  

Bay windows

Do You Really Need All That Stuff?

It can be all too easy to accumulate a lot of clutter! It’s satisfying to have your precious possessions on display, but lots of bits and pieces instantly make a room feel smaller. Plus, we often keep things purely out of habit. Consider getting rid of unwanted items and storing the rest more effectively.

Careful With Bulky Furniture

It’s tempting to fill a smaller room with sofas and cupboards to maximise the sitting and storage space. However, these items are also ‘stuff’ that take up room physically and make the space look very cramped. Unless it’s necessary due to the number of occupants, try to reduce the big sofas and bulky cupboards. 

Tidy Up with Sleek Storage

There are so many smart and compact storage solutions these days. TV stands with drawers for remote controls and other bits and bobs, coffee tables with handy compartments underneath, shelves and cupboards that fit neatly into recesses. There’s no need to get rid of things you treasure, but you can certainly keep them in a more organised and tidy way. 

Keep the Colour Scheme Neutral and Consistent

A mish-mash of colours makes any room feel small and can be quite overpowering. Try to keep furnishings, curtains, blinds and flooring in similar shades. The lighter the colour, the more spacious the room will feel. If you’re partial to bold colours that’s fine. Limit these to things like cushions, rugs, paintings or pictures. This will make the brighter objects stand out without being overwhelming and everything will still feel light and airy. 

Install Bow or Bay Windows

Windows play a huge part in the overall look and feel of a room. Bow and bay windows are constructed differently, but they both have the same effect. These elegant windows not only increase the physical space, but their design allows a lot more light to flood into the room. In addition, they open up the exterior view, which adds to the feeling of spaciousness. 

What’s the Difference Between Bow and Bay Windows? 

Bay Windows tend to consist of three separate, protruding glass panels. The middle panel is usually the largest, which is why it’s often known as the ‘picture window’. The side panels are fixed at an angle to the central section. 

Bow Windows are generally larger and consist of four or five windows of the same size. They are more curved than bay windows (which are more angular due to the angle of the side panels). Overall, bow windows are larger than bay windows.

What’s Best for You?

That’s down to your personal preference and budget. They both increase floor space and light, and provide a beautiful focal point for the room. They look stylish as well – both inside and out. They come in a variety of materials and can be sash or casement windows. 

Expert Guidance to Help You Decide

The friendly folk at The Window Centre will guide you through the whole process. We’ve been doing this a long time, so you’ll be in safe hands. 

Contact The Window Centre today to discuss fitting bay or bow windows to your property, and to receive a free quote for your project. 

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