How to Keep Your Windows Clean This Winter

Winter is fast approaching. With cold weather set to sweep across the nation in the coming months, it can be tempting to huddle inside and forget all about your windows.

But no matter the season, your windows need to be kept clean. Cleaning your windows in the darkest months of the year lets the light flood inside your home, while a regular cleaning schedule ensures that the lifespan of your windows is extended, even in winter.

Grab your hat, gloves and scarf, warm up the water, and prepare yourself by reading our top tips for cleaning windows this winter.

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1. Wrap Up Warm!

Our first winter window-cleaning tip is the simplest: wrap up warm!

No matter where you are in the country, a winter clean is going to involve cold weather, and you’ll want to dress for the occasion.

We don’t recommend cleaning your windows in the rain of course, but you might want to wear a waterproof coat just in case the clouds open up. At the least, you’ll want a pair of heavy gloves (to keep your hands warm and protect them from chemicals), as well as a warm hat, possibly a scarf, and a few thick layers.

2. Use Warm Water and Soap

We always advise using warm water to clean your windows, but in winter, this little cleaning tip is more important than ever. Start by boiling some water, or letting the hot tap run until the water is steaming.

Mix your water with soap or any specific window cleaning detergents you like to use, then get to work quickly before the cold weather brings down the temperature. The warm water will help when there’s frost or ice on the windows, and it makes for a much smoother clean.

3. Wipe the Windows Down First

Before you rush in with a bucket of hot soapy water, you need to make sure you’ve wiped your windows down first. This preliminary clean is integral during winter – you want to wipe away any dust or dirt that’s sat on the windowpane or window frame.

Depending on the severity of the weather, you may also need to clear away snow, ice or frost before you start cleaning. You might want to use a small shovel to clear away dirt or snow from the windowsill or use hot water to remove ice.

4. Don’t Forget to Clean Inside and Out

Whether you’re cleaning your windows in a snowstorm or wiping them down for a summer barbecue, no matter the time of year our one constant tip is to clean inside and out.

It’s all too easy to get carried away when you’re wrapped up warm and cleaning the outside, but if you’ve got dust, dirt and streaks on the inside, it’s still going to look dirty.

Take the time and effort to clean the inside of your windows, and you’ll also maximise the light you’re letting in on a dark winter’s day.

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