Space and Versatility With Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a stylish and versatile way to flood your home with light and create more space.

Fitted externally they open up the back of the house to give you easy access to the garden – the perfect way of bringing the outside in.

Internal bifold doors turn one room into two, depending on your requirements. Inside or out they take up little space wherever they’re located and come in numerous configurations, so you’ll find something to suit whatever the size of your house.  

bifold doors

What Are Bifold Doors?

Bifolds are comprised of a series of glass panels that fold back on each other in a concertina effect. The panels are fitted to runners so they fold and slide smoothly, quickly and easily.

The panels stack neatly together when fully open. This compact solution works in large and smaller properties, and is a great way of making the best of all available space.

Indeed, they take up far less space than hinged doors or sliding French doors, which will always fill a part of the aperture, even when they’re completely open. Folding doors allow you to open up the entire space.   

For additional flexibility, you can fit a conventional door into the bifold system (depending on the configuration). This ‘traffic door’ provides access from one side to the other whilst keeping the main panes closed.

External Bifold Doors – Bring the Outside In

External bifold doors are the perfect way to open up the back of your house to the garden. This instantly makes your home feel lighter and more spacious, and there’s nothing more relaxing than being close to nature. It’ll feel as though you have a whole new room!

Easy access to the garden is particularly handy for anyone with limited mobility, such as elderly folk or wheelchair users. It’s also a great way to keep an eye on the kids.

Even when the doors are closed, you’ll still have a wonderful view of the garden and all that extra light to enjoy – a real bonus during the cooler months.

Internal Bifold Doors – One Room or Two?

Internal bifold doors are perfect if you need flexible living space. In fact, they’ll give you two rooms for the price of one! Open them up to provide a large room for entertaining, or close them to create two rooms when you need something smaller.

Even with the doors closed, you’ll still have a light and airy space, and they provide excellent soundproofing and insulation. They’re also very neat and compact, as the internal runners sit flush with the floor so there’s no danger of tripping.

Configurations, Materials and Colours for Every Taste

Traditional or modern, blend in or stand out from the crowd, bifold doors are tailormade for you. The size and number of panes, position of the folds, and location of locks and handles can all be customised to your requirements.

They come in a variety of materials including timber, aluminium and uPVC, and are finished in a range of colours, so you can match existing brickwork or make a statement with something completely different.

Secure and Strong

Bifolds are built with durability in mind. They have several locks and bolts along their entire length and the hinges are extremely strong, so they’re sturdy and secure, unlike standard doors with one central lock.  

Ask the Experts

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