How to Transform Your Front Door

Your front door takes a constant beating. Every day it’s attacked by muddy feet, shopping bags, wind, rain and sun. Eventually, it can start to look tatty and tired.

Your front door keeps your home secure and it’s the first thing your visitors see, so when it begins to look a little battered it’s a good idea to spruce it up.  

Here are some easy ways to transform your front door into a stylish and inviting entrance, and they won’t cost a fortune.

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A New Coat of Paint

This looks good and provides a layer of protection. Make sure to use paint that’s suitable for exteriors. It needs to be tough enough to withstand all sorts of weather and the family charging in and out. And, if you fancy a completely new look for the front of the house, you could paint the window frames the same colour as the door.

Think about the colour. Bold shades like reds and oranges are vibrant and full of character. Grey and black have a modern and sophisticated vibe, whilst neutral colours such as beige and vanilla look smart and elegant anywhere. Blues and greens are perfect for a country cottage or a house in town.

Snazzy New Hardware

Door knockers, knobs and handles can all be changed. Knockers come in a huge variety of styles from a minimalist circle or bar to elaborate animal heads or contemporary geometric shapes.

The most common style of front door handle is the lever handle. This is attached to the side of the door via a backplate. Alternatively, you could have a doorknob at the side or right in the centre if you want to make it a feature.

These fittings all come in a variety of materials, from cast iron or polished brass to chrome and stainless steel.

House Numbers and Letterbox

A new set of numbers or letters for your house name will give your front door a whole new look. With many styles, colours and materials you’ll be spoilt for choice. Brass or bronze, chrome or nickel, matt or satin – the options are endless.

Letterboxes can be changed as well with several metals or uPVC to choose from and, of course, there are always modern or traditional versions.

Change the Glass

If you have glass in your front door, you could change it to a different type. There are several finishes to choose from and they all add a certain style and curb appeal to your home. If your house is on a busy road with constant passers-by, you’ll probably prefer something that protects your privacy. Frosted glass is ideal as it lets in plenty of light but still obscures the view.   

For something less opaque you could try textured glass. This comes in a variety of designs and provides a good balance between clear and frosted. Alternatively, if you fancy going for something unique and eye-catching, why not use coloured or stained glass in warm and vibrant shades? Pair it with a fresh coat of paint and you’ll have a completely new look.  

Upgrade to a New Front Door

If DIY isn’t your thing, consider installing a brand-new front door. There are many styles and several materials to choose from. Timber, aluminium, uPVC and composite doors all provide security, insulation and good looks. Rest assured it’ll last for many years to come, whatever you choose.

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