Five Things to Consider When Choosing New Windows

Are you building a new home or refurbishing an old one? This may be an ideal opportunity to do more than just replace the old window with a new one in precisely the same style. In this post, we look at some of the things you may want to consider when choosing new windows.

1. Your Environment

Are you living somewhere sheltered, or do you have Atlantic storms frequently battering your home? This can affect your choice of window, as you may need tougher glass to protect your home from the weather.

The weather can also affect the style – if you live in a windy spot, you may want to consider how often you wish to open your windows and how often you will be able to. Getting the right design will give you the most use of your windows.  

The weather can also affect the maintenance required and the longevity of your new windows. For example, sun and sea salt damage your frames unless adequately protected. Ask our experts for advice on the best materials for window frames in your area.

2. Choose a Style That Suits You and Your Home

Think about the style that suits your house and your lifestyle. That said, if your home is in a conservation area, your choices of styles and materials may be reduced. Where restrictions do not apply, you may be able to make your home unique by changing and upgrading your windows.

Do you want picture windows? Gothic? What colour do you want the frames? UPVC, wood or metal? The choice can be daunting as well as exciting. Looking online for ideas can be very helpful. Our experts at The Window Centre can advise you on what is possible and suggest ideas to help you choose the right windows for you.

3. An Opportunity to Let More Natural Light into Your Home

A new build or renovation can be an excellent opportunity to install new windows that will allow natural light to brighten those dark hallways or trickier corners. Maybe you want to add light to an attic room or add a bay window to your favourite room.

Natural light is an excellent way to make you feel healthy, save money and increase the value of your home in the longer term. If you are taking on a major project on your home, this can work out as a cheaper and easier time to enhance your home’s features with natural light.

4. Maintenance, Security, and Access

It may seem obvious, but you need to consider if and how easily you can access your windows for maintenance. Don’t forget about cleaning both sides of the windows. That dirty window will really annoy you, especially if all the rest are spotless.  Can you reach the handles, trickle vents? What about protection features for young children? Making your window as burglarproof as possible is also essential, especially if you have ground-floor windows. It is vital that you discuss all these issues and more with your FENSA window installer.

5. Windows Are an Investment

Installing new windows or replacing old ones can be very expensive. However, they are a good investment. The right windows should reduce your energy costs and increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it. Investing in your windows can improve your home security. They can also protect your home from moisture damage. Your windows will help pay for themselves over the years.

At The Window Centre, our experienced and friendly team will be happy to help guide you with choosing your new windows.  

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